Lester Clowes

Performance Coach

Previous to launching Re-Tri Consulting, Lester spent 16 years working in the educational industry in various capacities. He played key roles in starting dozens of schools from scratch while leading efforts in operations, marketing, hiring and training, and leadership development. And during these years he found himself constantly serving as mentor or coach to hundreds of professionals, which would lead to his decision to branch out into his own practice. He earned his Bachelor's in History from the University of Memphis, Master’s in Teaching from Christian Brothers University, and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California. His dissertation focused on the integration of technology and its interplay with culture and leadership, and his work was nominated for USC’s dissertation of the year in 2015. The title he’s most proud of is “Dad” to the two most awesome souls on the planet. He’ll debate anyone on the idea that anime is the highest form of screen-based media, Batman can beat any other hero or villain with at least ten minutes of prep, and that Pokemon is the greatest media franchise in existence. He loves the gym, collectible card games, and Halo. He's also served on the board of an esports league and still competes in different games (when time permits, of course).