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Leading Remote Teams: How to maintain productivity, build trust, and thrive- even at a distance

  • Create new norms and expectations to support a new way of working together

  • Transparency & trust- find the right balance to empower autonomy and productivity

  • Communication shifts to ensure alignment

  • How to keep relationships strong, even when you’re not sharing space


Leading With Empathy

  • Define the subtle difference between sympathy and empathy and why this is so important to positive relationships at work. 

  • Understand the role of empathy in helping your team achieve their best. 

  • Learn 5 simple steps to connect and respond to your team with empathy, even when you are feeling frustrated. 

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Successful Leadership Communication... 

From a Distance

  • Develop strong communication skills, specifically related to remote leadership.

  • Explore multiple modes of communication and think strategically about when to utilize each modality. 

  • Learn communication strategies that support your team's energy and efficiency when not sharing space.